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About Us

GRCi is the International Governance, Risk and Compliance Index. GRCi provides high-quality market intelligence by Risk Ratings, in-depth research and thought leadership on governance and corporate risk control. In a general sense, the objective of the GRCi is to promote good corporate governance and transparency within society. The GRCi works to achieve this objective by means of the four pillars: application, information, promotion and development.
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Registration in the ISAE 3402 register is and remains free of charge



Encouraging quality improvement of ISAE 3402 reports



Aimed at improving society



Reinvestment of results in social initiatives

Why the registry


The founders of GRCi saw that there was a need in the market at institutional investment institutions, listed companies and other types of organizations for a central register with Governance, Risk and Compliance reports. In addition, there were many interpretations of the SAS70 standard and later the ISAE 3402 standard. These interpretations caused a lot of confusion among users of ISAE 3402 reports, while the aim was to improve transparency.



Philosophy and principles


The GRCiregister is free of charge and remains free for basic registration. In this way, the completeness of the register is guaranteed as much as possible. The register is financed through donors and the register contribution. All organizations that have an ISAE 3402 report are registered in the register if this is signed by an accountant. The responsibility for reporting and keeping information up-to-date lies with the service organization.



Strategic planning


The aim of GRCi is to materially improve the quality of Governance, Risk and Compliance reports in Europe within a time span of three years by means of a strategic multi-year plan.

Organization GRCi


GRCi has a director and a board, in addition there are three employees working for the register. GRCi is based in London.