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Governance Code

Corporate Governance Code

Good governance of a publicly-traded company protects the interests of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. Rules of conduct for this can be found in the Corporate Governance Code. Listed companies are legally obliged to comply with this code.


Importance of corporate governance

Well-governed brokerage firms are important to the economy. For trading in shares of these companies and for employment. In addition, there is a code for good governance of listed companies.


The Code was drawn up on behalf of the market. The Code also states, among other things:

     - How the board is accountable;
     - How the supervision of the board is organized;
     - That the company and directors may not represent conflicting interests, and that it may not appear so;
     - That the supervisory board determines the remuneration of the members of the management board;
     - What position the shareholders have;
     - Which requirements apply to an internal audit function and an external auditor.

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